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Skoolfonds Opbetaal School fees Paid Letter.pdf

To be Completed by Principal of Curent school and Must accompany Longacres Application.

Moet Voltooi word deur Hoof van die skool waarin U kind tans is en die vorm Moet Longacres Aansoek vergesel. 

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Code of Conduct.docx
Extent of the code of conduct:
No learner is exempted from the obligation to follow the code of conduct.
It is very important that the whole school community must know when and where the code of conduct is applicable, namely:
On school property, before, during and after school hours.
During all school activity- on and off school property.
Outside school property, when the learner is identifiable on grounds of wearing our school uniform.
Objectives of the code of conduct
To create a discipline system through teaching and learning inside the school where the learner’s human rights and safety is protected.
To give a definite explanation of the behaviour and action that is expected of the learner so that they can adjust their behaviour accordingly.
To be consequent so that learners can feel secure by letting them know exactly what is expected of them.  
To have a measuring instrument for fair and acceptable behaviour.  
To have the school function on a day-to-day basis within the structured set of rules. 
To create a safe environment for learners and educators. 
To support the schools goals as set in the mission.  

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