Longacres Music Studio

Music lessons and Theory classes 2019

Longacres music learners will get the opportunity to receive private lessons at ‘Longacres Music Studio’.  Every learner will receive ONE practical lesson per week; as agreed between the parent and the music teacher.  Each music teacher has his/her own lesson fees and forms an independent arrangement between the parent and the teacher. Longacres Private School takes NO responsibility for any lessons and/or instalments.

THEORY CLASSES:  Theory will be presented on an elementary level to Gr 1 – 3 learners.  It will form an integrated part of each practical lesson and the progress of each learner will be the responsibility of the respective, music teacher. When the learner reaches Gr 4, at school level, the theory of the respective instrument will be more focused and taught in group-classes. These classes will be free of charge, after school, and taught by Mr Eric Gerber. 

Here follows the necessary information of each music teacher and the instruments they will teach. For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible person.

Eric Gerber: (Piano and Flute)                                     Anien Pieters (Culture Head and Piano)

Contact no: 082 843 9872                                         Contact no: 072 467 5105

E-mail addressericgerber8@gmail.com                   E-mail address:  anienpieters@yahoo.com

Felecia Roux: (Violin and Viola)

Contact no: 062 434 9932

E-mail address:feleciaroux@icloud.com

Lee Blaauw: (Drumkit and Unpitched Percussion)

Contact no: 079 425 8928

E-mail address:blaauwlee3@gmail.com

Ashlee Louwskieter: (Brass)

Contact no: 083 255 1041

E-mail address: mamremusicschool@gmail.com

Wouter van de Venter: (Acoustic and Electric Guitar)

Contact no: 071 377 6386

E-mail address: woutervdventer@gmail.com

Website: www.woutervandeventer.co.za


Musieklesse en teorieklasse 2019      

Die musiekleerders (wat by Longacres Privaatskool musieklesse neem) ontvang privaatlesse wat aangebied word deur “Longacres Privaatskool Musiek Ateljee”.  Elke kind ontvang EEN praktiese les per week soos ooreengekom tussen die ouer en die onderskeie musiekonderwysers. Elke musiekonderwyser het hul eie privaatlesfooie en word dus tussen ouer en die betrokke musiekonderwyser hanteer. Longacres Privaatskool neem dus geen verantwoordelikheid vir Lesgelde betaalbaar aan die verskeie Musiekonderwysers nie.

TEORIEKLASSE: Vanaf grondslagfase word teorie baie elementêr aangebied/bekendgestel aan die kind en vorm dus deel van die praktiese les.  In hierdie verband is die betrokke musiekonderwyser dus self verantwoordelik vir die vordering van die leerder se teorie. Wanneer die leerder Gr. 4-skoolvlak bereik, word teorie op ‘n meer intensiewe vlak en in groepsverband aangebied. Hierdie klasse sal dan naskool  deur Mnr. Eric Gerber aangebied word. 



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