longacres private school principal barkhuysenLongacres Private School is an exceptional school established by Johan and Petrie Oettle; two people who have a passion for teaching and creating opportunities for children. Petrie established Seeskulpie ECD 16 years ago and has never looked back.

With the addition of Longacres Private School in 2013, the school has grown exponentially. Longacres started originally with only a Foundation Phase and was completed as a Primary school in 2017.

There was an even greater need for the learners and community, High school leg of Longacres Private School was added in 2018. The high school is currently functioning from grade 8 – 11 in 2021 and will welcome our first Grade 12 class in 2022.

As principal, it is a great privilege to be part of this unique independent school. We have an exceptional teaching staff that are extremely energetic and always ready to help others. The teachers show their passion in class as well as on the Sport and cultural fields. They always walk the proverbial extra mile with the learners.

Longacres Private School's character is based on a Christian value-system. However it does not discriminate against any other religious convictions. Discipline and self-discipline are the cornerstone of teaching and we believe that all learners, parents, teachers and the school community should base their lives on these principles.

Longacres Private School allows learners the freedom to progress within their own ability which helps us maintain an excellent academic standard. Learners are continuously exposed, to the latest teaching strategies. These strategies challenge the learners and allows them to develop their knowledge and skill levels.

With this strategy, we prepare the learners to accept challenges without hesitation. We believe that this will cause the learners to develop as a productive adult in the broader West-coast community.

Pos Adres

Posbus 306
Loopstraat 47
Langebaan, 7357

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022 772 0302

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P.O. Box 306
47 Loop Street
Langebaan, 7357



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